Sunday, June 24, 2012

Completed Chapter 15 of Book 2

I just completed chapter 15 of Andy Brighton and the Dragons of Wyrme, book two, The Magic of Dragons. Here's an excerpt:

“What's at Mt. Auroatuko?” asked Andy.
“Something quite wonderful,” said Logi. “The mountain is an extinct volcano far to the south in an area called the Austral Region on the western coast of the Great Scale Sea. Long ago it is believed it was the original home of the Vuls. In fact they still claim the mountain as part of their territory, even though they rarely travel within sight of it. Today, and for as long as I can remember, Handiama has used the mountain as her nest. It is where she goes to lay her eggs.”

The 2nd book is planned to have 20 chapters, at least so far. You never know if I might come up with an idea while writing that I hadn't had before which changes things. If so then I'll adjust this estimate, but if not then that's what it will be. If form holds up the book will be somewhere around 115,000 to 120,000 total words. This is about what the publishers are looking for in a book of this sort, from what I've read. The reedit of book 1, which had 22 chapters, was about 118,500 words. So they'd be fairly close in size to one another.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Chapter 14 of book 2

   I've completed chapter 14 of book 2 (Andy Brighton and the Dragons of Wyrme - The Magic of Dragons). Here's a synopsis:
   Gratoly, who has finally completed the three trials, journeys back to Colystal to see the dragon elders. When he arrives it is at night and he finds that the Permionths have a surprising look about them-their heads glow in the dark! Unsure of what this means he continues on and meets again with the Eye of the Elders who gave him his challenge. Hrysh is impressed but forces Gratoly to answer a riddle to gain entry. Gratoly passes this test as well and the eye is punished fatally for his failure. Within the Halls of Colystal Gratoly tries to make his case, but some of the elders refuse to listen. It is only when Gratoly's story is proven true, by asking for the Keeper's sight, that they allow him to speak. They listen and agree that the Icurnians, if they do come, may pose a threat. Gratoly believes he's succeeded and leaves Colystal to lay in wait until they come. When they do he will want to witness them himself and tell them that they will not be deceived.
  I'm into chapter 15 now & the book is coming along nicely.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How I Make My Videos

Here's a video on how I make my videos. A lot of the same techniques I use to make my 'music videos' I used to make this video as well. (The only thing I didn't do was to capture any video clips off YouTube. The video was just a screen capture of me typing out the steps I go through. The audio though was a recording of a song I found from a website which lists long songs -

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finished Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is complete and I'm now working on 14. Here's a brief synopsis: We return to Icurnia (where the Techanis now rule) and see the fleet arriving back from their successful assimilation mission of Gallepea. General Danival is greeted with the news that an explosion in Temple Iconn has severely injured his sister Heathyr--so much so that she won't live more than a day. To keep her from death he has her taken to the closest animus facility (soul swapping facility). He then learns that the scrolls were the target of the explosion, but fragments have been recovered and are being analyzed. After piecing together the remains enough information is salvaged to point Danival in the direction to where his people originated from. And it is the Sol star system and the planet Wyrme. A full-scale incursion is planned immediately to leave the next day. The morning after Danival awakes to find a strange woman at his home who speaks in riddles, but whom he believes is Heathyr. And he is right. Back at Techanis Command Danival inspects the fleet and finds his son is listed among the crew of one of the starcraft flagships. He's proud that his son has earned a commission onboard the fleet and talks with him for a while and mentions what happened to Heathyr. The fleet leaves Icurnia and heads towards their most notable destination to date.