Friday, September 30, 2011

Into Chapter 2

    Work on my second book is progressing. So far I have the Prologue and chapter one totally finish-drafted (to a degree where they are 90% done-just needing finishing touches/editing to polish them off). I'm now working on chapter two. The second chapter I think will be one of the defining chapters of the book as it is where Andy Brighton will make a huge discovery=that there is a city of people on the dragon planet of Wyrme hidden under the illusion of the forest of Wyrmewood. And the people themselves are humans, albeit also different in that they can cast magical spells. Not only this, but Andy finds that he is actually one of them and able to manipulate enchantments as well. His learning of magic and becoming a powerful sorcerer will bode well for these people and the dragons in the time to come when the Icurnians, those who would want to invade Wyrme and assimilate it's people, finally arrive.
    Anyway, hopefully when finished the book will be even better than book one (Wyrmewood and the Forsaken Orb) and I hope to find an agent to accept it for publishing with a major book publisher.

Monday, September 12, 2011

LOTRO & Book 2

  I have 2 topics of interest this evening to discuss;
  The Lord of the Rings Online = I've been playing this game much more lately & have become a bit addicted to it I must say. As with several other MMORPG's (Everquest, Wow, Perfect World) I start playing and just can't stop. The game has an appeal to it that draws me, and many others, back to it & it just makes you want to keep playing and improving/leveling your character(s), & skills. Lately I've been advancing their crafting skills & not so much on leveling them. With 4 characters I have every craft covered, so they can make everything craftable in the game - or will be able to eventually if I keep playing long enough (and the game stays around - sometimes the games fold, see Dungeon Runners). My main character is an elven hunter and is very good with his bow, though melee fighting he is fairly weak at. All in all I've had a lot of fun lately playing the game, but I do really need to tear myself away from it in order to make more time for writing book 2. Which brings me to the second topic.
  Work on Book 2 is going along well. At the moment I've settled on the title
WYRMEWOOD of Magic & Dragons. This title is I think both eye-catching and relevent to the subject matter of the book. So far I have completed a draft of the Prologue and am working on writing the draft of chapter one. I have the entire book preliminarily rough drafted too in a notebook, so I have a good idea of how the whole book will go. I'm hoping that I can get some of chapter one written tomorrow on my day off; maybe if I'm lucky it will go quickly and I'll get the whole chapter finished. Though that's being prehaps too optomistic on my chances. We'll see.