Thoughts, Tips & Tricks on Playing World of Warcraft

This page is devoted to the many thoughts, tips & tricks that I've run across in the years of playing this game. I could write quite a bit on this subject, and I probably will, although I don't wish to repeat what others have written elsewhere. There are a multitude of web sites that detail every aspect of WoW, from items, classes, races, quests, etc. Pretty much anything in the game can be googled-so to speak-and I don't want to try and better what they're doing (there's simply no need). All I want to do is tell of things I've discovered that might help others out in their travels while playing WoW. So here goes:

   Febuary 20, 2013  Get Your Swift Lovebird Mount
* During the Love Is In The Air World Event you can gather Lovely Charms by killing mobs that are at least green to you. I've been doing this with my hunter who is atm level 67. I've read about others using aoe spells to do this in various places depending on their characters' levels & I think that I've found a good spot I wanted to share. In Serpent Lake (Zangarmarsh) there are dozens of schools of fish of level 62-63 who only have about 1800-1900 health. This is low for their level & they are so plenty that you can kill a ton of them quickly. That is the secret to gathering the Lovely Charms if you don't want it to take forever. (These can be turned in for ventor items, including what I consider the ultimate item & what I'm shooting for=a mount).

*My hunter worked for about 3-4 days (maybe 10-12 hours) hunting the fish mentioned above to gather the Lovely Charms & finally had enough after turning them into Charm Bracelets & also doing the other quests available for the big turn in for the mount=The Swift Lovebird:
At least mounts are usable by all characters in an account, so I don't have to go through the painstaking process ever again.

July 22, 2013  Archaeology for Fun, Experience, And Profit
Do you have characters on your account that you rarely really play, but want to level for various reasons? (so you can raise their professions skills or what have you). Taking them into dungeons is one alternative of course (although doing so may result in ridicule for your bad play by fellow group members). But another occassionally lucrative diversion is using the archaeology profession. You can learn it I think starting at level 20 and how high you can go with it is only limited by the characters level (up to max 600 skill). It's especially good for leveling your character too because you can do it rather quickly and sometimes even without having to fight many monsters who may be roaming about in the zones you can survey in. Each archaeology find will grant your character a bit of experience (I think worth about half of what a quest turn in would be worth when done at one's level-example; a level 69 character gets around 7800 exp per find=not bad). Each survey area can be dug around 5 or 6 times, rewarding as many skill ups as well as the aforementioned exp. As I previously stated you can sometimes totally avoid mobs especially in zones much lower level than your character. I'm not sure why WoW allows us to succeesfully survey in 'trivial' zones-it seems more logical to make one survey in zones close to one's own level. But nope. So, if say you were level 89 and wanted to use archaeology skill to reach level 90 you could do it, getting like 30,000+ exp. per survey find. (sorry I don't have the exact number). Gaining experience isn't the only thing you can gain either. Creating artifacts is the main goal I would say. These creations, when common,
usually just result in an item worth from 1 to 50 gold or more. Rarer items created, though worthless to vendors and soulbound, have useful or unusual functions. The entire list of rares is not known to me. I suppose it can be found elsewhere. But so far I've seen such items as one which encases you in amber, one which can port you to Shattrath City (much like your hearthstone), one which creates a ghostly drum, etc. The hearthstone one seems the most useful, but I bet there are some that have even more useful functions. Another cool thing is that archaeology is a secondary skill, like cooking/fishing, etc., so it doesn't use up a main profession slot. Some people will I'm sure find it boring to do because it is a solitary activity & they'd rather do things with others, while guys like me don't mind being alone for a while, out exploring the world of warcraft & doing a bit of digging in the dirt.
* update on the items created from archaeology: I've recently created a couple items worth a good deal more from this skill. I guess it's just luck of the draw on this, but one item was worth 275 gold & the other like 200 gold. That's probably the high end of the rewards I guess, though I'll have to research this and update this update if I'm wrong. At any rate this skill definitely does pay off with valuable, although otherwise useless, vendor trash.

Oct. 1, 2013 The Timeless Isle
   While visiting the starting area of Pandaria with my level 90 Warlock a new quest emerged which involved him going to a new area. It was an island called the Timeless Isle located just to the southeast of the Pandaren continent. There I discovered a great many wondrous things including quests only available to level 90 characters. The island is occupied by very high level creatures (90+) which are not exceptionally difficult to kill (except for the toughest of them which require at least a group and at times a raid party). Besides questing and killing there is also terrific loot to be had including the chance to find gear that could very well upgrade what your character might be currently wearing. This was the case for my warlock who at the time had at best a full set of blue level 458 cloth armor (Dreadful Gladiator set) that he had crafted using his tailoring skill. But here on the Timeless Isle one can loot epic level 496 gear items from creatures you kill and also from chests that lie around the island. There are close to 40 or so of these chests and most are special in that they will only appear and be lootable for each character once. They vary in quality of contents by how hard they are to reach (from 1 to 7 on the chest guide written here: ). There are 6 chests on the isle that can be looted weekly and contain similar loot to the numbered chests. An important item to loot besides gear are the timeless coins. These can be used to buy items from vendors on the isle such as epic gear, clickable one use items that provide nice buffs, and keys to open other chests in a special cave located on the isle in which one can find more loot and possibly a Burden of Eternity (an epic at can transform a level 496 epic item into a level 535 item=so its pretty nice).
   So all in all, while the isle is extremely dangerous there is great profit and upgrade potential for your level 90 characters here. Not to mention your alts as well. For I forgot to mention that the epics you can loot are account transferrable until you wear them. And many that you find, particularly those looted from creatures, can be items that that character cannot wear (like my warlock finding some plate boots for example), so instead of wasting it he can mail it to my death knight so that later on he can wear it when he gets to level 90.
   The armor my warlock has gotten has been great. He's upgraded 3 or 4 pieces already. But the main thing I'm going for is a staff he can purchase for 20,000 timeless coins. It's like twice as good as what he currently has, so it will be a great upgrade for him. And he already has like over 13,000 coins, so he's well on his way to getting it. Quests he completes net him like 1000 coins each time & he can complete at least a couple of these each day.
   So anyway, if you're level 90 and you haven't been there, go visit the Timeless Isle. It's quite a challenging place and well worth it to see.
 Feb. 15, 2014: The Necessity of Bags in Wow:
    Items in the game must be carried & each item takes up 1 bag slot. (thankfully there is no weight restrictions to items--as in EQ & other games, so no problems arise in that regard). Each character on your account needs as much bag space as possible for storing and lugging around his or her hard fought booty from dungeon runs & questing. You only start with one 16 slot backpack which is permanent & unfortunately (at least up til now) unupgradable. You can, however, add 4 more bags to your inventory of whatever size you like. Then, also in the bank, there are 28 single slots and 7 more purchasable bag slots. This may sound like a lot, but not surprisingly to seasoned players this room runs out very quickly--especially when you need it for practicing professions in the game (resources/recipes and the like take tons of room). That is why the obtaining of bigger & better bags has not only become desireable, but truly a necessity.
    Early on you can find smaller bags in loot & thru some quests. Larger bags must either be purchased from a vendor/auction house, or created thru tailoring or leatherworking skills (the latter, however, only resulting in profession-specific bags). Only tailored bags can be used as general purpose bags & carry all items. When you first start playing WoW it would be I think a good idea to learn tailoring as a starter profession & use the saved bits of cloth you find to make your own bags. Later on you might choose to drop tailoring when you get wealthy enough to purchase better bags, or keep it and max out your skill in tailoring to learn all that there is to know in the profession (which is what I did with my main--a warlock).
    When your character gets to an average level--say 20+--he/she can be running dungeons and earning reputation with their hometown factions (Stormwind, Gilneas, Gnomeregan, Ironforge, Exoder, and Darnassis for the Alliance==Thunderbluff, Undercity, Orgrimar, Goblin, Troll, and Silvermoon for the Horde). By doing this, and getting to at least revered, you can buy a cheap 16 slot bag from the faction city quartermaster (who stands somewhere near the city's main flightplath). These are especially useful to anyone who doesn't practice tailoring & will need bags. They're only 1.5 gold a peice, so a full set of 6 would only cost 9 gold (much less than what you'd find at a regular bag vendor or off the auction house). Just remember to wear the faction tabards while running the dungeons so that you can earn reputation from the kills made in there.
     At the highest levels you can solo some raids for great bags (Onyxia, Magister's Terrace & Magtheridon's Lair having 20 & 22 slot bags that can drop, although they are unique, so you can only get 1 of each). There's probably other places to get good bag drops, but I haven't seen them yet.
    Below are lists of bags in the game both for regular use & profession specific:
   (these lists are incomplete, but contain a good number of the most seen bags in the game)

   Bags that can hold anything:

      Bag                               Slots    found/bought    crafted  

Royal Satchel                        28                                   X
Illusionary Bag                     26                                    X
Embersilk Bag                      22                                    X
Frostweave Bag                    20                                    X
Imbued Neatherweave Bag   18                                   X
Neatherweave Bag                16                                   X
Mooncloth Bag                     16                                    X
Traveller's Backpack            16           X
Wayfairer's Knapsack           16          X
Journeyman's Backpack        14          X
Runecloth Bag                       14                                 X
Large Knapsack                     12          X
Mageweave Bag                    12                                  X
Woolen Bag                             8                                 X
Linen Bag                                6                                  X
Small Pouch                             6          X

    Profession-Specific Bags:

     Bag                                         Slots     found/bought   crafted 
Herb Pouch                                    12              X                           
Cenarion Herb Bag                        20                                X     
Satchel of Cenarius                        24                                X     
MyCah's Botanical Bag                 28                                X     
Emerald Bag                                  32                                 X    
Hyjal Expedition Bag                    36                                 X
Enchanted Mageweave Pouch        16                                X   
Enchanter's Satchel                         20               X                          
Enchanted Runecloth Bag               20                                X    
Big Bag of Enchantment                 24                                X   
Spellfire Bag                                   28                                 X   
Mysterious Bag                               32                                 X    
Otherworldly Bag                            36                                X
Heavy Toolbox                                20              X                        
Fel Iron Toolbox                              24                                 X   
Titanium Toolbox                            32                                 X    
Elementium Toolbox                       36                                 X
Gem Pouch                                       20              X                      
Bag of Jewels                                   24                                 X   
Luxurious Silk Gem Bag                  36                                 X
Mining Sack                                      20              X                      
Reinforced Mining Bag                     28                                X    
Mammoth Mining Bag                      32                                X   
Triple Reinforced Mining Bag          36                                X
Leatherworking Satchel                     20             X                      
Bag of Many Hides                            24                               X   
Trapper's Travelling Pack                  28                               X   
Magnificent Hide Pack                      36                                X
Scribe's Satchel                                  16             X                    
Pack of Endless Pockets                     32                               X  
Royal Scribe's satchel                         36                               X
Lure Master Tackle Box                     36                                X
Advanced Refrigeration Unit              36                               X 
Portable Refrigerator                           32          X 

You can also check out a bag vendor named Dawn Radue in Stormwind in the Trade District (and I suppose there's a similar Vendor in Orgimar) who sells both profession specific and a regular type bag, but at outragious prices.  I only recommend buying from her if you're very wealthy.


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