Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chapter 12 is done

I've completed chapter 12 of book 2 of Andy Brighton and the Dragons of Wyrme. (The Magic of Dragons) For a quick synopsis: Andy & Fay reach the Great Anchorite deep in the Undermine. Meanwhile, Gratoly has accepted the challenge to fight in the Pit of Glory at Vulchaar in order to earn his mark of honor from the Vuls. His challenger turns out to be a huge crab-like creature called a crabooloo. During the battle he is knocked to the ground and it appears that he will surely die. Andy is called upon to help his friend & with the support of Fay & the Anchorite he empowers Gratoly. The dragon, now super strong, rises and defeats the crabooloo & earns his honor mark. And Andy & Fay learn that they must now stay within the sanctuary for a time because when the Techanis arrive they will come and destroy the Rysouri city of Tyme.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chapter 11 of Book 2 done

  I've completed the rough draft of chapter 11-finished it a few days ago actually. I've been busy with other things so I finally found the time to post. Today I'm working on chapter 12 and hope to finish it-I think I just need to add a couple of finishing touches, which I've already thought about & it'll be done too.
  I also added a new header logo graphics design to the blog, with a description. I think it adds a nice touch to the page. I'll probably come back later for some more fine touches on it however-like add some dragons or something.