Saturday, August 10, 2013


   There has been a lot of talk lately about changing the rules for college athletics which say that the players cannot be paid for playing their sports. I guess the main reason for this is because of the enormous amounts of money the television networks, the BCS and others make off the broadcasts of the games, especially football and basketball games. Then there are the college athletes, some of whom have complained that although they have been compensated by scholarships it just isn't enough to cover all their day to day expenses. Then the NCAA is called hypocritical by selling player items = thereby making money off players while it forbids the players to do likewise by being paid to sign autographs or whatever else they could to make money. So there are two sides of the fence to stand on in this debate; either you believe that how things have always been is fine & dandy, or you think it is best to adjust the compensation amounts to the player athletes.
   I too have issues with the way the NCAA has run things. And I guess they have taken a lot of criticism from people lately judging by the number of NCAA officials bailing out. Perhaps they sense that this organization is a sinking ship and are getting off early before it goes down. And if the NCAA does go away what happens then?
   The way I see it the NCAA has done their best (mostly) to make the system work in a justifiable way. It is not the NCAA's fault that we live in an unjust world. Unfortunately this is true and will be as long as the almighty dollar rules everything. Prices continue to rise and so everything else skyrockets. I wonder where it will all end. It seems to me that our monetary system may eventually become so crazily expensive that it will all just explode. Then maybe we can regain our senses and come up with another system to live by that is more sensible. It will probably take some leaps in technology for this to occur-like replicators from Star Trek-something that can produce usable items and materials from useless matter. When and if we can ever do this or something similar maybe then we can live by a higher standard and let go of the idea of money.