Sunday, September 29, 2013

My New SUV

I've been busy this month with work and other things. Among the "other things" is my purchase of a new vehicle. It's not exactly new (it's a 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada), but it's new to me. I won it from an Ebay auto auction. I wasn't actually looking to buy something at the time - just window shopping really for what was out there - but it fit the bill so to speak. I wanted to get an suv with a tire on the back (not inside or underneath) so that you had good access to the spare. I had previously looked ay Jeeps, Rav4s and a few other suvs. When I came across this listing on Ebay motors I realized that I had the money to bid on it and it fit was what I was looking for. So I placed my bid on it and waited. Only one other person placed a bid & they gave up, so I won it. The price was pretty good. The bad thing was the suv was located way up in New York (I live in Alabama) so it was nearly 1000 miles away. I considered taking a Greyhound bus up there & driving it back here and this would have been the cheapest alternative, however, if I had done so it would have taken me nearly 2 whole days to do it. I ended up having it shipped home, costing me almost as much as the suv itself, but it finally arrived. It had a starting problem so I took it to a local garage. They diagnosed and fixed the problem fairly easily (a fuel pressure problem) and now it starts and runs great. I had had my previous car (a Chevy Corsica) for about 5 years and had won it from an Ebay auction as well and I only hope that this suv runs and lasts as good. So far it has, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Here's a picture of the Bravada.