Monday, March 31, 2014

Alternate Reality Movie List

   I'm starting a list of movies specifically in which some or all of the characters somehow and by some means (be it mechanical, computerized, by dream-state, hallucination, etc.) go from their current reality of the film and into some other alternate reality.
   I'm not talking about simply fictional stories where the plot line itself is an alternate reality, although some movies in this realm may also delve into this arena, no, I'm describing something else. For instance; the movie Terminator, although the film is about an alternate reality, is not about characters being taken from their reality into some other alternate one. (The reality they already existed in was the alternate reality). The Matrix is a good example of what I'm talking about: Neo & others are plugged into the Matrix, which is the alternate reality created by the artificially intelligent machines, and when he is unplugged he realizes that the real world is something completely different.
   So here we go:
   MOVIE                        THE ALTERNATE REALITY
The Matrix           =       a computerized reality of the AI machines
Inception              =       people's dreams hijacked by an implanted idea
Labyrinth             =       the labyrinth of the Goblin King
                                      (I'll be updating this list for a while)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Batman Has Some Trouble Being Understood Lately

   Christian Bale was a great Batman. His portrayal of the caped crusader was impeccable. But many have had complaints about his voice. They say that he's hard to understand--that he's talking weird. I'd have to agree, especially the farther along the series went it seemed. At first he spoke just slightly harsh, as if he wanted to disguise his voice, but the harshness grew more pronounced. Ultimately he became almost unintelligible at times. At any rate there have been spoofs involving his troubles in this regard and one in particular was done by Monkey and Apple who have created many dozens of spoof videos that they've uploaded to Youtube. Find them here:
   This one is where Batman interrogates the Joker, enjoy:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 Bracket Contests

   It's March Madness again. The time of year when the college basketball fans go crazy for their favorite sport and root for their team to win the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Every year, besides watching the games, we can all try to win big bucks & other cool prizes by filling out brackets in the various contests that are available to be entered. And this year the prizes are bigger than ever, with one grand prize (if you can pick a perfect bracket in it) worth a billion dollars. Even after taxes that's still a whopper of a prize. Here is a list of many of the better contests to enter I think. I entered most of these myself. This year I decided to throw caution, and logic, to the wind and just pick randomly without regard to seedings (except for the 1st round 1 vs. 16 seeds which are never upsets). Good luck to all who enter & here's hoping I win something this year.

1 billion grand prize (unbelievable):

1 million grand prize:

$100,000 grand prize:

$10,000 grand prize:

others:    ($500)   ($500)   ($1,000 gift card)

   I'm sure there are even other contests out there. But this is what I found in my limited amount of time to search. This is still a goodly amount of contests at any rate (8 with a million dollar grand prize & one with a billion! Incredible)

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Seven Deadly Sins...Sorta

    I grew up watching a number of classic tv shows including Gilligan's Island. I recently heard of a funny theory about the show which basically says that the characters on the show represent the 7 Deadly Sins. With some searching I discovered that there are millions of websites that discuss this possibility. I don't know if this was the producers original intention, but if you give it a look yourself you'll see that the evidence is strong & it kinda fits. At any rate I guess it is up to everyone to judge for themselves. (I believe it, lol).

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Explore With Google Maps

There are some really cool videos available for viewing at Youtube that involve exploring with Google Maps. Here is a link to them:
and here is one of them in particular that I found quite nice:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where is Flight 370?

We have a missing plane...again
On March 8, three days ago, Flight 370 disappeared presumably somewhere over the Gulf of Thailand with 227 passengers on board. This is the latest incident of a large passenger jet just disappearing without a trace. Others have vanished like this before to later be found to have crashed, were recovered, or have simply never been seen again. There is a long list of airplanes such as this (including possibly the most famous one piloted by Amelia Earhart that vanished almost 77 years ago).
As recently as 11 years ago a large jet airliner was reportedly stolen while at the Quatro de Feveiro Airport in Luanda, Angola, apparently by an aircraft mechanic named Ben Charles Padilla, as told to authorities by his sister Benita Padilla-Kirkland. Her family suspects the plane to have crashed somewhere in Africa or is being held against his will.
So, this is certainly not the first time an airplane has disappeared. Yet, this plane, if stolen like the one in 2003, is unique in having a great number of passengers on board at the time. The odds are, if history is any judge, the flight encountered something and/or malfunctioned in some way which caused it thereafter to crash killing everyone on board. Looking at the statistics it is hard to avoid this as a probable outcome. And even though the possibility exists that the plane and passengers are safe somewhere, the evidence doesn't seem to back that up very well.
For instance: communications and transponder signals were lost abruptly & no signals have been received from the plane since. No phone calls have been made by any of the passengers that anything was wrong (although not too strange considering there probably was no phone service over the ocean). Radar saw the plane turning west & altering its course for an unknown reason-this may or may not be true.
A search for the plane or wreckage has been underway since without finding anything as yet.
To me the abruptness of signals is likely evidence of some kind of catastrophic malfunction, possibly with the electrical systems, which doomed the plane. Perhaps the pilots managed to turn the aircraft west to try and head towards land instead of continuing out over sea. Who knows? At this point we can only speculate until either the plane or its wreckage turn up somewhere.
   A great search for the plane is ongoing, but also, in an effort to help find the plane on the website is running a "crowdsourcing campaign" to get people involved in the search by examining live satellite imagery. I attempted to join in on this myself but couldn't get the web page to load up--possibly there are too many people doing this already and the website is either crashed or overloaded. At any rate hopefully their help will be of at least some assistance in this endeavour.
The plane, its intended route and believed change of direction: