Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sometimes You Just Can't Catch EM

In Yesterdays baseball game of Pittsburg vs. San Fransisco a home run was hit into the outfield crowd and zeroed in on one lady. Her cup of beer actually. This was the result:
Baseball Game Beer Taken Out By Homerun Hit by SimplyJustRandomness

Saturday, July 26, 2014


It's simply a Björk kinda day. Sooooooo... Sorry? Hmm, was the script for Rainman written after listening to this song I wonder? (when she sings, definitely, definitely, what Dustin Hoffman says in the movie). Let's all eat moths anyways, yum!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Speed Up Your PC

    I saw this while exploring Youtube videos: a way to speed up your PC. I think it's actually a way to free up fragmented memory after using an application on your PC, resulting in the machine running faster, but they say that it is supposed to work even though I've not really seen a noticeable improvement in speed myself. Perhaps I'm not using it correctly? I dunno. At any rate, here's what you do:
    (disclaimer: I didn't create this, just passing the info along, so don't blame me for any problems it might create on your system. I've used it several times & noticed no problems and there are many websites that claim it does what it says it does, so I have no reason to believe otherwise. IE: use at your own risk)

* On the desktop open notepad
* Type in: mystring=(80000000)
* Save the file to the desktop with an appropriate name such as ram or FreeMemory or something like this, and use the extension .vbe. Also save it as an all files type of file instead of as a text file.
* When you do this you'd get something that looks like the following on the desktop:
* So then, when you need to free up system resources, double click this program icon & you may see improved speed on your PC.
Thanks for watching

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Suspiciously Secret Subconciously Subliminal Signage

    Okay, that was a rather verbose title for a posting, but actually accurate in what I'm about to propose to you. We all know that advertising is full of this stuff; words and images that are either expressly or understatebly hidden within commercials & used to gain your trust & confidence in their product. And of course this is in addition to them outwardly lauding the greatness and superiority of their product to all others. I'm sure there are many examples of this-you may know of some yourself-and this post is written to point out one that I found myself which I'm not sure if anyone else has ever noticed. Perhaps it was intentional or perhaps it is simply an interesting accident of fortune. Whatever the case, I'll explain what I'm talking about.
    A couple years ago Wendy's hamburgers 'rebranded' their store signage. Here is an example of the change:
    Now most people wouldn't see much difference in these two images. Both are of the same Wendy with red hair, smiling, with freckles & blue ribbons on her pig-tails. Yes, that's all true. What you may not have noticed is the slight change to her neck area. As I said before I don't know if this was intentional or not, but if you look closely you can see the word "MOM" spelled out there around her neck. When I saw this & realized that they had made this change to the brand I had to wonder if they meant to do this to subliminally make people feel a certain way about their restaurant. Like it was a safe place to be. Like being with your mother. I mean, what place is safer than when you're with your mother? The earlier signage didn't have this. The design was close, but definately not mistakeable for the word "MOM". I doubt that I'm the only one who sees this as it is fairly apparent. Look for yourself if you don't believe me. It is especially easy to see on the bags & cups. As seen in this example:

    I want to say that I don't have anything against Wendy's, in fact I love their food & everything (well almost everything) about them. I just felt like pointing out this that I noticed for the rest of the world. Thanks for reading!