Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fireworks for the New Year

  I've changed the background of the blog again, added a new header title and even put in fireworks for the New Year! Hope everyone enjoys the work.
And if you'd like to put the fireworks effect into your blogger blog go here:
Add fireworks to Blogger

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's The Wubbox!

  So, I've been playing My Singing Monsters for about 3 months or so and I guess am doing pretty well. I've got Plant & Cold islands pretty much maxxed out, Air, Water & Earth islands are coming along nicely. Ethereal island has gobs of Ghatz, Grumpyres, Reebros & Whisps-though none of the others as yet. Shugabush island is the sad story & I have only a deedge & a furcorn there to keep each other company, lol. 
  But, I have bought and hatched a wubbox on Cold island. The ultimate in monsters! And man does he take a lot of resources to create. 75,000,000 coins to buy him for starters. At the time I had like double that so the purchase knocked my bank account down half-way. Then after incubating him for 2 days he hatched as a box. You then have to feed 15 other monsters into him to make him activate (come alive). So I did that at no small expense. I bred/bought most of these monsters myself, but some I purchased thru the wubbox itself I think for around 90 diamonds or so. That done and the wubbox all full he was activated. And so now I have him after much effort.
  I fed him up to level 15 to make him as profitable as possible, even bought him a couple toys he liked to get him to 50% happy. So now he makes like 270 coins/minute (the best monster I have other than some ghatz at level 15 on Plant island that make me like 295 coins/minute).
  Since he was level 15 I placed him on Gold island to show him off alongside my other level 15s. But, once there he became a large box & not the standing wubbox anymore. I noticed that he needed to be fed monsters once again to be activated. And this time instead of 15 he needed 30 monsters!!!! And the monsters he must be fed must be there with him on Gold island, which means that they must have attained level 15 on another island & when you feed him these monsters they are removed from their original island & no longer produce coins there anymore. (more resources expended). The benefit to doing this is that you will complete several goals that pay out a total of 50 diamonds upon completion. 
  And so I fed every monster I had on Gold island into the wubbox cube leaving 11 more to breed & level & place on Gold island & feed to him later. Geez! Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.
Sorry for the low quality video & that there's no sound. I used a screen capture software to record this off my laptop. I could have recorded sound & included it by making a Movie Maker recording, but felt it unnecessary for this posting.
   UPDATE: I was able to finally breed all the monsters I needed to feed into the Wubbox on Gold island, leveled them all to 15 & placed them on Gold island. Before feeding them into the Wubbox, however, I had one more bit of work to do. And it involved the Clamble and Bowgart monsters from Plant island. I'd never before bred a Clamble so I didn't want to waste it (feeding the monsters into the Wubbox removes them from Plant island, so I needed to wait to do that).
   The reason for all this was that I had still never bred a Shugabush monster. The Shugabush is a legendary monster that can only be bred on Plant island & only by combining the Clamble and Bowgart. SO, I tried several times, failing every time. I figured then that it must be a rare breed, so I lit all my torches and tried again. I started with about 150 diamonds, running bred monsters thru the breeder & incubator system until finally the magical 35 hour breeding time popped up (which is the tell tell sign of the Shugabush).
   And so all told it cost me a little over 100 diamonds to breed it. It is now on Shugabush island in the incubator with about 12 hours left to go. Once hatched I can combine it with other monsters to make the other legendary monsters there on Shugabush island.
   With that done I went ahead and fed the remaining monsters into the Wubbox on Gold island. Then he was activated and is now dancing and singing happily.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's Snowing!!!

   I wanted to put a snow falling effect onto my blog page & tried several javascript methods to no avail. But I was finally able to get it working, as you can see, by using the system at the following site:
how to make it snow on your blog
It works pretty well & does what I wanted so I'm happy. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Old Paper Folding Myth

   For anyone wondering how many times a sheet of paper can be folded, the Mythbusters have answered.
   Shown in the following video we see that it is possible to fold it more than 7 times
(what was previously thought to be the max number of folds)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Walking Without Beth

   On November 30th we saw the season finale of The Walking Dead.
   ********************Spoiler Alert***********************
   In the episode, at the end when it seemed Beth was to be reunited with her 'family' (Rick, Daryl, Carl, Maggie, Glenn etc.), instead she was killed. The death came fast and unexpected leaving viewers shocked and appalled. In fact a petition has even begun to try and bring her back to the show - though that is unlikely. At best we can hope to see her again in flashbacks - which they actually do all the time in the show, so I'd almost guarantee we'll see her again at least that way.
   It just goes to show how much she was a beloved character & that no one wanted her to go, especially when she was just 'coming into her own strength' so to speak.
   We will miss you Beth.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

No More Football In The Magic City

   Birmingham is a great city, nicknamed the "Magic City", but it's about to lose some of its magic. The powers that be are taking it away - to the disapproval of many. What I'm talking about is UAB football.
   UAB is one of the three University of Alabama System colleges (UA & UAH being the others) and it is renowned primarily for its academic medical center & hospital, although UAB is a full fledged university which teaches all aspects of academics. Like many colleges it has an athletics program & this includes football.
   The UAB football team has existed since 1991, 1991 - 1998 in Division 1-A, 1999-2014 in Division 1, but after this year those in charge decided to shut down the program due to monetary loss (they've also shut down the women's bowling and rifle teams).
   I am a UAB grad and I have to admit that I rarely went to any of their games (maybe 1 or 2 in my lifetime) so I can't claim to be a big supporter, but others did go. And the UAB Blazers football team have lacked success, their first few years being their best from 1991-1994 where they went 27-12-2, all other years finishing below .500 except for this year they went 6-6, not great, but they are bowl eligible. So UAB will now wait to see what bowl game they go to.
   The thing that is upsetting so many people is that there seems to be a few in power who don't want UAB to compete in football especially in this state where Alabama controls them from afar in a sort of nefarious and conspiratorial way. I wouldn't try to explain who the people are that make the decisions about UAB football or what their true motives are, but I'd have to say that there does seem to be something underhanded going on. Especially when the football program is now finally doing the best its done in many years and is drawing more people. To cut it off and say that it just costs too much money just doesn't ring true. It can't succeed if it doesn't exist. And why now? It took them almost 20 years of bad play to finally decide to cancel football? Why dangle it in front of us playfully mocking UABs students with the hope that they could have a football powerhouse like UA to then, when it just starts to get good, take it away? Some might say that those in power at Alabama don't like how things are going at UAB and so they've 'pulled the plug' on us.