Friday, October 28, 2011

Chapter Three is in the Books, so to speak

I've pretty much finished chapter three of book 2 this morning. I'd been wondering yesterday how far along I was with my first book by this time of the year, and in checking I found that I was already done with chapter 12 by the end of October, 2010. I finished it back in April, 2011. I figure that if I can write about 3 chapters per month that I might just about finish book 2 in April, 2012. Things never go quite as planned, but I guess that I can hope to make this schedule. I did see also that I had actually begun writing book 1 around March or so of 2009. So in actuallity, it took a whole year to write. Book 2 I began to write I think back in September. So I've only been writing it for 2 months so far. (though my notes and thoughts on it have been planned even during my writing of book 1). We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've Wasted Too Much Time Already...

  Well, chapter 3 is coming along nicely. I would say that it is nearly done, just needs a few more finishing touches. I was on a good roll-working on book 2-and had gotten through the prologue, chapters 1 & 2 pretty quickly. But then I fell back into playing the Lord of the Rings Online game again. I guess that it's one of my weaknesses; taking characters into virtual worlds where they can adventure and explore. I've loved MMORPG's since I began playing them back in 2000 when I started with Everquest. From there I moved on to EQ2, Wow, PWI, D&DO, and LOTRO (naming the major ones-there were a few others of lesser merit that I won't mention). I have vowed to not play the game though for a while. At least not until I've finished chapter 3 and probably even longer than that. I really don't need to keep wasting my time with the game-it really doesn't do me any good to play anyway. Even though it is enjoyable in it's own way ultimately I have nothing to show from all the time I've spent playing. And what good is that? Even if my characters were to become the most powerful and envied characters in the game, what would that really amount to? Just a means to use more of my precious time in not concentrate on my work. On the other hand, spending time writing gets me that much farther into my book, which leads to getting me closer to finishing it. And that is an actual accomplishment. So, though I may find it frustrating at times to go without the pleasure of playing my favorite game, in the end I know that I'll be glad that I did. I was overjoyed at the feeling I had upon finishing my first book. Completing book 2 should be, I hope, even better.