Posts On Book Two

Here are links to the posts I have that concern my work on Book 2, which will be called: Andy Brighton and the Dragons of Wyrme - The Magic of Dragons. It is the second book in my Andy Brighton and the Dragons of Wyrme trilogy and so far I'm a little over half-way finished in writing it. I finished book 1 back around April of 2011 and had it self-published, but earlier this year I pulled it from both & Smashwords for a full re-edit, which took me about a month or so. I also created a new cover design for the book & changed the title. Around March of 2012 I began submitting my new book 1 to literary agents and small book publishers in hopes of having it published in the more traditional and old-style way. To this date (June-3-2012) I've still only recieved letters of rejection for it (16 out of 23 rejections). If forced to do so I'll self-publish again, but I wanted to at least try the other route.

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