Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nobody's Hero

  I saw an article on Yahoo.com today about an attractive woman hunter who travels around the US and even the world to hunt. She went to South Africa recently and shot and killed an adult male lion-"the king of the beasts", at least in the animal kingdom. There has very quickly been a great uproar over this & a petition signed by 250,000+ people now demands that that country bar her from entry so that she could pursue hunting there.
  I imagine that she never expected so many people to feel negatively towards her actions or if they did to not go to the extreme of creating such a petition to ban her activities, which are legal where she does hunt. I'm sure she knows perfectly well there are many people opposed and/or repulsed by the act of hunting animals for whatever reasons.
  It seems to me that the opposition has arisen due to her blatant displays of pride and joy at what she does, and that they are totally unnecessary. I did a little research on her and it seems she grew up hunting and fishing quite a bit so the activity is second nature to her. There's a disturbing trend to what she does too it seems to me & that is that she needs bigger and better things to hunt to keep herself satiated.
  Anytime people do something repetitive they get used to doing it and become desensitized so to speak. Lets say you are Evel Knievel. You start out your career jumping one car. The crowd cheers you on because they think it's great. But soon one car isn't enough. They've seen you do one, now they want two, three, four, a dozen. And you too need to jump more to satisfy your curiosity and ego. "I can do more than that." you tell yourself. And the crowd's support only makes it worse. You start believing what they say about you: that you're a hero, that you are the best ever. And then you go and try to jump the Snake River Canyon in some crazy steam-powered rocket contraption (Skycycle X-2) and end up failing miserably.
  I give this example to say this: I think Melissa Bachman is bored with only hunting the "easy things". So she has to go all over the world looking for something bigger, something more dangerous, something harder to kill than the last thing she killed because simply stated she is a bored woman. Apparently she has the money to do these things. Flying around the world isn't cheap. Plus the hunting gear is expensive. But that's beside the point. My point is that she is bored:
Bored - definition = 1.tired and impatient: tired of and slightly annoyed by a person or situation that is not interesting, exciting, or entertaining. Yep, that fits.
  She even says so herself in an article written by her in PetersensHunting.com:
Bow hunting is a sport that many of us enjoy year round, but we all get bored with just shooting at targets in the summer. One way to combat this is to spend an afternoon or weekend bow fishing your local lakes. Carp have become a real nuisance in many area lakes in Minnesota and around the country, so not only are you honing in your skills as a shooter, but you’re helping take out some of these pesky carp as well.
  At any rate if I were her I give some thought to publicly hunting certain animals, and especially to being so overly blatant about how overjoyed you are that you've killed it. I'm not an animal rights activist or anything. I'm just a guy who is reading and watching articles like this and wondering why such things are happening. Personally I lack the understanding of why she would get so stoked at the killing of a large animal like a lion. I mean, was it really that great of an accomplishment? Is it like she won the noble prize? Did she cure cancer? Did she save someone's life? Did she even teach anyone some important life lesson? Nope. She was bored, so she went and killed a big animal. Not because it needed to be killed. Not because it would make the world a better place. Good going girl.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Cat In The House

  We lost the cat that was living in our house recently. Tinkerbell was 18 years old and, although I didn't know her that long, I enjoyed my time with her. I moved in here a few months ago and Susan the homeowner had had her since she was a kitten. It was a difficult loss for her I'm sure.
  A few days ago Susan found a new friend on Craigslist. A kitty that someone else couldn't keep. She named it Jayjay. It is a male kitty, 1 to 2 years old, and very lovable. He loves to cuddle up with you and be petted. He'll climb all over me if I let him. He's really playful and curious and just the type of cat that I like and I'm glad that he's in our lives.