Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The First Book of the Epic Trilogy is Now Available

   Read the first installment of Andy Brighton and the dragons of Wyrme, on sale at in both paperback and Kindle versions. (Also soon to be available for
purchase at
  If you're an avid reader and a fan of both science-fiction and fantasy stories then this
book is for you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Book Video On

I've created a video with MS Movie Maker & submitted it to The video introduces my new book & shows both the front & back covers & interior map of the Orb. Here is a flash version viewable on my blog:
The video link to YouTube is:
I've created and submitted my new book to Smashwords & just waiting for it to be made available there, pending review. Next I'll look into online advertising for the book.

Monday, September 24, 2012

My book's been Kindlized!

Okay, so a few days ago my paperback went on sale on & since then I'd been working on the Kindle version. I finished it, submitted it & abracadabra, it's now on sale too! The conversion took about 4 days working in my spare time. The previous work I did last year on the book helped out a lot as I was able to use much of the html coding in this new Ebook. Publishing it to went very smoothly. It has a 'look inside' feature on it too, which is useful & allows one to see the first couple chapters. Check it out at the following web site:

I'm now currently working on the Smashwords version & nearly have it done & ready for submission as well. I'll post where it can be seen soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My book is for Sale on

  So, after totally re-editing my first book, including a new name, new front/back covers, removing a chapter & the prologue, adding a new prologue, and so many more nuances it would take nearly forever to name them all, I self-published it through for sale on
  It is a re-envisioning of my original book from a year earlier which truthfully never did sale anything to speak of, and which I thought needed a new look that is hopefully more appealing to book buyers. Some of the ideas that went in to the new version came about after I'd written much of book 2. The second book of the trilogy entails what both Andy and Gratoly (the 2 protagonists of the books) go through on Wyrme; Andy becomes indoctrinated so to speak by the Rysouri (magic-using people hidden in their city of Tyme under an illusion of the haunted forest of Wyrmewood), while Gratoly must endure several trials to prove his honor in order to speak with the dragon elders and warn them of the coming Icurnians.
  Here is a look at the new cover of the finished book:

The paperback is on sale on at the following location:
my paperback book on Amazon
  Currently I am working on the Ebook format so that it can be put on sale on as well. Once it is done it will be available for viewing on the Kindle and other Ebook readers, & at a much lower price (like .99cents compared to $11.99 for the paperback). Ebooks can be much cheaper since they are only data & no actual printing need be done, which also means no shipping charges.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tennis and Typing

  The past couple weeks I've been doing a couple things--besides work and spending a little time playing WOW. The US Open Tennis tournament has been going on, which I find very interesting to watch as I've played a good deal of tennis, both recreationally and competitively (in local tournaments). The greatest part is watching the men's final. That's the best part usually of any of the grand slams because it pits the two best players in the world vs. one another. This year it was Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokavic & they played, as I had hoped for, a match to be remembered. It was hard fought and exciting & in the end Murray won-his first grand slam finals win. Sean Connery (aka James Bond) was there among others to see it live & he rooted his countryman on to victory.
  Besides the tennis I've been busy working on book one again. I decided to go ahead and self-publish it on after totally re-editing the original book. It has a new cover, a new prologue, one less chapter, and completely perfected content. Unless you read both books you might not easily see the similarity between them due to the many changes, though most of the chapters still retain their original names. The book (and entire trilogy actually) even has a new name. Today I finished work on it and have submitted it for review to It should take a couple days for them to review these materials and let me know if it passes muster. So now I wait.