Thursday, July 30, 2015

Banned For Life

   So Tom Brady has been punished & will miss 4 NFL games next season for cheating (deflating footballs). Is that enough of a punishment? Is winning all that matters nowadays?
   Other athletes who've cheated/used illegal drugs/etc. have been punished much more harshly in the past. There is a long list of very recognizable names:
Pete Rose, Tonya Harding, Lance Armstrong, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, Ben Johnson among the most famous and well-known who were banned for life from their sports. So why shouldn't Tom Brady also be banned for life as well?
    For that matter why shouldn't Alex Rodriguez be banned for life when it was determined that he used illegal drugs? Who makes these decisions & why are some people spared the lifetime ban while others are stricken down? It seems rather arbitrary to me. What do you think?