Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Got My CoCo Swag

About 2 months ago the Conan O'Brien show aired the Occupy Conan episode (where fans submitted their own user created content in hopes of winning a VW Beetle if chosen for the best submission). My own submission was a little cartoon-like animation sequence featuring Conan and Andy Richter as dogs & Anne Hathaway (the first guest on the show) as a cat. I saw a glimpse of it during the airing and my name in the credits of those whom sent in submissions. Needless to say I didn't win the bug, but I didn't come away empty-handed either.
Today I received an unexpected package at my residence, and upon opening it up found that I had been chosen as a runner up in the contest. This earned me some "CoCo Swag". Amongst the three items sent were a sticker, a shirt, and a coffee mug. I'll probably end up giving the shirt away to someone-as it is way too small for me to wear (its like a child's shirts & I'm a 3x size guy, lol). I might find some use for the sticker & mug however-even though I don't drink coffee (I can still keep them as souvenirs from the show). It was a fun experience at any rate and I hope the Conan show does it again someday.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Here we are again - it's March Madness time! And with the college basketball comes all the pickem contests & the prizes you could win that go along with em & make it all worth the time & effort we put into choosing. Last year I entered 16 of these contests, more or less, but had no luck at winning anything. Well, I'm upping the ante this year by entering 26 contests - eleven of which have a $1,000,000 grand prize for picking a perfect bracket. I'd be happy to win any of these contests however. There were actually even more contests than the ones listed here, but those I could find had prizes of less than $1,000, so I skipped entering them. Good luck to all & let's hope for some greatly entertaining basketball to watch whatever may happen!

$$$$$MILLION CONTESTS:$$$$$        
$$$$$100,000 CONTESTS:$$$$$                                
$$$$$UNDER 100,000 CONTESTS:$$$$$
$60,000 =  =  athlon                          
$10,000 =     
$10,000 =    
$10,000 =
$10,000 =               
$10,000 =                                       
$10,000 =                                     
trip worth $10,000 =  
$3,000 =                
$2,000 =                                   
$1,000 in gift cards =                                           
msi gx60 laptop (worth about $1,000) =                                       
big screen tv =                                                

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lying Is Too Easy These Days

It has always been this way in trials for people on the stand - although many of them (especially those defendants who agree to testify, even though they don't have to) put their hand on the bible and answer the question, "Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?", it is pretty obvious that responding "yes" is only the first of any number of lies soon to come out of their mouths.
Take for instance the current trial of Jodi Arias vs Arizona. She has been on the stand for weeks testifying to what she knows & doesn't know. She is a proven lier-that's a fact caught on tape by the police. And we're supposed to believe anything she has to say while she's on the stand? It seems very convenient for her that in her testimony 99% of what she says paints Travis Alexander (who she admits killing) as a sex-hungry pedophile who attacked her causing her to kill him in self-defense. And according to her word she should only be given a slap on the wrist for her crimes because none of it was really her fault.
It's a shame that she thinks we're so gullible that we'd fall for this. She must really think that people are either stupid or that her charms can just win over everyone. She's not the first to try this, nor will she be the last.
In the trial of James Holmes vs Colorado the judge has made a ruling that he be given truth serum when interviewed to see if he really is mentally deranged (or just faking it). Many oppose this decision. I personally don't know if it will work. What we really need I feel is something better than this truth serum.
What we need in court cases is some sort of device that can read the person and tell if they are lying & alert us to this fact. Perhaps something we've already been using in other capacities - DOGS!
Yes dogs could be the answer. They are used to detect things we humans cannot see, or hear, or smell already. (like hidden drugs). They also in some cases seem to be able to detect things in us that we cannot see. For instance, they can alert people with medical problems who occasionally have seizures of an upcoming episode, so that they can prepare themselves by lying down or something. I've also heard tell of dogs in hospitals who can detect when someone is going to die soon.
Things like this prove that dogs have sensory abilities that we do not & that might be utilized more extensively - like perhaps to detect lying.
Imagine a courtroom where next to the stand sits Fido, the truth detecting canine, who is given a treat when he senses someone giving false testimony. Oh, what a world that would be.