Below is a compilation of all of the videos I've uploaded to this blog. In my spare time I like to make my own 'music videos' so to speak. So far (by 06/13/12) I've made about a dozen of them. I find a song I like and combine it with a suitable video and voilà a music video is created. Best of all I've been able to make them without buying any software or hardware (except for a plug-in microphone-but I had that already, bought for another purpose). The system for making the movies is rather simple really and is outlined in a slide-show movie listed below. At any rate, enjoy watching these:

How I Make My Movies/Videos
The making of book 1 cover design
The making of book 2 cover design
GoPro HD Video camera videos
Funny cats video
Twilight Kissing Scenes video
Star Wars EP3 Anikin vs Obi Wan light saber duel video
What is the Matrix?
Blow (The Carrie Prom Scene) video
The making of my novella cover design

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