Monday, November 16, 2015

Into The Gunlesslands

   We have a new show on the AMC tv station called Into The Badlands. If I had to describe it it would be if you combined Roots and Kung Fu Saturday Action Theater. Roots because of the 'slave plantaion' aspect of the show and the latter because of all the cool martial arts fighting and swordplay.
   I do like the show, not as much as The Walking Dead, but it is entertaining. However, one thing that makes little to no sense is the total lack of guns. Sure they have other technology like motorcycles and cars. But no one thought to invent any kind of gun? Seems strange since there are other ranged weapons (namely shurikens, although I think I've also seen knives & other bladed weapons thrown).
   The only reason I can fathom is that the creators just didn't want guns in the show - logic be damned. Their option I guess. Though I cannot agree. One thing this does do, however, is allow for great melee battles - which is fun to watch. If guns did exist everyone could just shoot one another & not result in much of a show. Some options would be to wear bullet proof armor or have the skills to dodge the bullets. But whatever. I'll be watching nevertheless.

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